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No Sunrise or Red Sky

FRANKEEE ... man, I am I glad that you have come over.  I hope that you have brought some sunshine.  It has been cloudy and raining sporadically for a few days and it has curtailed my sunrise pictures and videos.
Let me slide into the kitchen to get us some cold beers.  You relax.  Take your shoes off, slip into those slippers that I got you and walk over to the recliner chair and make yourself at home.
While I am gone maybe you would like to see a video from past sunrises.  Yes?  Sure thing, my friend.  Coming right up.

Boy, that sucks.  I want to add another video but I must wait for the above video loads first before I can add another.
Let's see if a picture asks me to wait.  Ooops, the video loaded before I could add a picture.  Well, let's add one and then a video from my YouTube channel.

to be continued ... Andre.