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It was a clear sky that greeted me when I arrived in the soybean field.

It had been harvested and the field laid bare.  Stubble remained and all of their roots held the earth.  
The waning crescent moon hung in the sky as the earth traveled along.
There were clouds in the Southeastern sky and they moved towards the sun.
Here are some pictures of the early dawn.

RedSunrise Redsky

FRANKEEE, so glad that you came over for a visit today. I haven’t been answering the door as I was under the weather. But, I am feeling better today and have gone down to “The Pond” to catch the reflection of the sunrise in the waters. 

Yesterday was a crappy day for sunrises as was completely overcast so stayed at home but the day before was spectacular. Here, have a look. 

The above is a composite of the sun reflecting off of the roof of my chariot. The sun peeked through enough to light up the sky in spectacular fashion. 

That was a soybean field above. Golden and almost ready for harvest. The leaves are turning yellow and the pods are drying up. Soon the beans are off to market and into our food. 

Sunset Images of London Skyline

FRANKEEE, you got to see the pictures of the sunset.  Especially after the crappy sunrise of this overcast morning.  First of all, come in, come in,  and go over to your usual visitor's chair.  I'll get us some cold beers and we can start.

Here we go, my friend. A couple of cold beers in an ice bucket.  Perfecto!!

So we were talking about the sunset.  Something that I have not filmed in a long time.
These following images were taken from my window of the condo.

 Wispy clouds greeted the setting sun.
 Burning trees seem magical.
 A close -up of the burning tree.
 Red sunset, red sunset, #redsunset
 Wispy clouds.  #Settingsun. #Naturepictues.

Well. what do you think?  Want to come back again?  I have lots of images.

See you next time.