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SunSET. Clouds, clouds, clouds.

FRANKEEE, I didn’t scare you off last time.  Good, good.  Come in my friend and make yourself at home. So glad you could come over. You go sit and I will get us a couple cold beers.  Here,man, take a look at some sunsets.

Right, I said sunSETS.  You are usually served up some sunrises.  You may still get to see some of that.

Here we go, buddy.  A couple of cold beers in a bucket of ice. Ahhhh, eh. What a life mon ami.
It had been cloudy and rainy the whole day and these were the clouds that remained at sunset.
To be continued....

Back now.  Thanks, pal for sticking around.

It is now Thursday morning at 06:30 and it has been blowing and raining to varying degrees all night and is going strong.  I hope this nonsense stops soon and the sun returns to us.

I was in the elevator the other day and the lady mentioned that if it rains and blows a lot in the Autinb then there is supposed to be less snow in the Window.

I won't be in these parts (London, Canada) over the Winter months.  I grew up in…

Sunrises Here and There

Frankeee, I am so glad that you came today I have some great pictures for you to look at.  It has been very cloudy in the morning lately.  Too cloudy to even see the sun although I did see a peek just yesterday.  Sunsets have been a little better as the clouds cleared up in the afternoon.

Frankieee, estoy tan contenta de que hayas venido hoy que tengo algunas fotos geniales para que las veas. Ha estado muy nublado en la mañana últimamente. Demasiado nublado para ver incluso el sol, aunque ayer vi un vistazo. Las puestas de sol han sido un poco mejores ya que las nubes se despejaron por la tarde.

Here are a few to start you off while I go into the kitchen and get us some tea?  Tea?  Maybe a glass of wine. What do you think?  We always have tea.  Let's live it up ...

¿Aquí hay algunos para comenzar mientras voy a la cocina a buscarnos un té? ¿Té? Quizás una copa de vino. ¿Qué piensas? Siempre tomamos té. Vamos a vivirlo ...

See, that is what I told you.  Clouds, clouds, clouds.

Here is s…


FRANKEEE, so glad that you came back!

I have been taking SOME pictures but only at the sunset.  It has been cloudy for the last couple of days.
Today was clear and crispy.  The air was a little chilly as the wind was blowing the 3’Celcius air across the open fields of corn and soybean,
I was at a new location this morning and I did move around to three locations.
Here are some of the early pictures and videos.
Wait a moment ...  thanks.
I’m back and it is the 14th. The weather was still overcast today but earlier this week was magnificent. 
Check these pictures!!!

A new place for me. I pulled up into the field, between two rows of deciduous and coniferous trees with the rising sun right in front of me. Just like the picture. 
Here is another from that morning. 

There, you see, there is the silo on the left. On the right is a cell tower. Along the Windsor, to Montreal corridor, there are so many cell towers. 

This is a new “Pond”. Not “The Pond” over by Old Victoria Rd.   This one is in someone’s…