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#RedSunrise on #ThePond #332

FRANKEEE, come in, come in.  Thanks for coming over. Good to see you, my friend.  Here now, put on the slippers and move your butt to the recliner.

While I go and get the tea and biscuits, you can have a look at the photoshoot of this morning.

#Cloudporn across the #sky.  Disappointment went through the crowd. Well, we will have to do what we can do. Right ... Right.

Monday today and this is the first day of Autumn.  Yes, at ~03:00 or so, the Equinox happened.  I was probably awake as my sleep was very haphazard and I was awake due to the extreme pain in my right shoulder.  Nerves, you know. Fuc*.

Here are some more #naturepictures.