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Sunrise. September 13, 2019

FRANKEEE, today is Friday 13th.  Tonight’s full moon or “Harvest Moon” was last last seen on October 13, 2000 and the next time this will occur will be in 2049.  Lucky aren’t we!!

It is overcast this’s morning so I don’t know how good of a #redsunrise we will see.  #Naturepicture depend on #nature and the #clouds.  Sometimes we will see just a slit of #sun as the #sunrise and other times the weatherman is wrong and it clears up before the sun comes up.  We shall see this morning.

I am at “The Pond” location which is the closes to my residence in terms of photo shoot locations.  I like the reflections of the sunrise and clouds on the water there.  I hope that we will not be disappointed.

Come in and rest a spell.  Put on your slippers that you have at my house and take a seat in the recliner.  Let me go into the kitchen and get us some tea and biscuits.  While you wait, have a look at the most recent sunrise #pictures that I took just the other morning.

The days are getting shorter and sho…

Sunrise - 9 1 1 1 9 -

FRANKEEE, glad you came back, my friend. #Misty #morning #redsunrise that you missed while you were sleeping.  Come in, mon ami, and make yourself comfortable.

Did your notice the date today?  It is a palindrome. Spelt the same frontwards and backwards.  9 11 19 (91119).  And actually this happens and many days of this week and more.  Anyway, just thought that I would point that out to you.
Check this out while you wait for me to come back with some tea and biscuits.
First views of the South #Sky showing #OrionsBelt.

This next picture is from an app called Star Walk 2.

There is more to come.  Get yourself relaxed and enjoy these #natuepictues that I took of today's #redsunrise.