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Red Sunrise #251

FRANKEEE, it is good to see you again.  Thanks for coming back and hanging out with me.  Here now, get out of those boots and into your slippers and go sit down in your recliner and sit a spell.  I'll be back with some tea and biscuits.

Here we go.  A cup for your and two biscuits.  A cup for me and two biscuits.  Look, there will be plenty more biscuits if you are still hungry.

Sit back, relax, and let me show you what the #Sun looked like this morning.


 Just that little slit along the horizon was all that was a clear sky.  As you can see, the rest of the sky was overcast.  Rats.

Well, fingers crossed we can expect those clouds to become pink or orange and even a #redsunrise.  Beautiful #naturepoictures are so cool.



A panoramic view of the #soybean #field that stretched before me and now you.



Ain’t No SunShine Today

Cloudy and completely overcast this morning, clearing up in the letter part of the morning. 

Not only overcast but foggy as well. 

See what I mean. 

Slits are all we get this morning.  It did clear up later in the day but you wouldn't know that from these pictures.

Well, since there wasn't much to show you, I will not keep you any longer.

I wish you a great day and hope that you will return tomorrow for more and better pictures.


No Joy-No RedSunrise

FRANKEEE, it was not to be. Today, #Sky was #cloudy, and #Sun did not have a chance.

No, siree Bob, poor Sun had no chance at all.  The sky was locked in a death grip by #Cloud.  #Cloudporn yes, but #redsunrise was a #No #Show.
Here is an example of the western sky that is showing a #rain #fall in the vicinity of #StThomas which is about 15 minutes #South of #London towards #lakeerie. #LakeErie?
Lake Erie is one of the #greatlakes of #Canada, but more on that later.
First, get yourself comfortable and then I will get us some tea and biscuits. I will be back in a minute or two.  While you wait do you want to ok at some of the #naturepicture of #todays #sunrise.  Sure you do.