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Red Sunrise on The Pond

FRANKEEE ... how are you, my friend. Glad that you have come back. Come in, come in, my friend. Put your slippers on and get yourself in your recliner over yonder and I shall go to the kitchen for our tea and biscuits.
Here we go. Tea for two. Here, I will put your cup right here on your side table. Voila my friend. ... Now settle back, relax and check some of my #naturepicture of #redsunrises.
I am at “The Pond” #photoshoot #location for today’s #sunrise. There are a few fluffy clouds in the #Sky.  ...
While we await the interaction between Sun and Sky, want to see some pictures from yesterday?  ...
Sure, why not, since I haven’t posted in two days.
Here we go.  ...

Pretty nice aren’t they. It got better as the #day progressed.
Here, have a look, Frankeee. 

Now the colours are really cool, don’t you think.
Hey Frankeee, the sun is starting to show some #coulour.
Here, have a look at the first few. 

Now these are #beautiful. Right? 


And it continues for more daylight ...

Until the final minu…

Misty Mornings Nature Pictures.

FRANKEEE, boy am I glad to see you.  We sort of left each other hanging yesterday.  Well, I am here now and we can continue with our chat.

Why don’t you put on your slippers and shuffle over to the recliner and I will pop into the kitchen to get us some tea and biscuits?
I have an opportunity to travel to Nova Scotia with a bunch of guys in a rented Winnebago. It sounds like so much fun.  I would get an opportunity to visit my good buddy, Jim L and to pop in and say bonjour to my kid brother, Paulo.
However, with this nerve damage causing my right shoulder to be weaker and weaker and more painful, I think that I should decline the offer to travel and stick close to home and the doctor.
Anyway, here I am in a place for today's photoshoot.  I am by the railroad tracks at a very busy junction just a little east of Dorchester on Elgin Rd.
Here are the pictures of the railroad lights. .

That was a passing Ford F-150. Everyone owns one of those trucks in these parts.  The farmer's workhors…

Nature Picture and Red Sunrises.

you missed another spectacular #redsunrise.  Indigo, purple, orange, tangerine, red ... all of the colours of the rainbow were seen in this red sunrise of this morning.

Fish were rising and grabbing the everpresent bugs, bullfrogs were croaking to accompany the high pitch squeaking of the crickets.  A gentle breeze swayed the bulrushes.

Just a little time has passed since the "crack of dawn" showed itself.  I will admit that I had not slept that well the previous night.  Sleeping in fits of 2 - 3 hours at a time.  Well, to be honest, I had slept pretty much the whole day yesterday so it was my own fault.  Anyway, I was out of bed at 03:30 but I tarried with geek stuff on the laptop and so I was late getting out the door.

When I got to my coffee shop ... [Tim Hortons as maybe 95% of all of our Canadians] ... there was a lineup so I had to wait for another ... 5 minutes ... and I was so impatient ... I need to slow down and relax ... life needs to be savoured and not…


While You Were Sleeping You Missed This ...

An indigo sky captured the image of an Iron Horse.  Iron Horse was the name that the First Nation peoples called the White Man’s invention called the Train.  Marvellous invention.  Solidified countries and opened up vast areas of land ... to make the stockholders of the railroad companies very rich.  Progress marches on.
. I purposely made a point of going to a photo shoot location that I knew would have trains coming and going.  It was not to be.  There is an Iron Horse in my videolog but none that are passing by the camera.
But I Will Help You ...
I did, however, get some rather good #naturepictures of a gorgeous #redsunrise with fantastic #cloudporn and #skyporn.
Here, have a look for yourself.  The day starts with some night pictures of the waning moon surrounded by clouds with the Sun just starting to show its presence near the horizon, continues with the sky going from a whisper of light then through the spectrum of colours.   There was clou…