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Crack of Dawn. Red Sunrise.

FRANKEEE, damn, it was overcast again. Crack of Dawn again.  Come in my friend.  Excuse my manners.  Come in and relax.  Put on your slippers they’re shuffle over to your recliner there.  I will return with some tea and then we can have a little chin wag.. Here we are my good friend.  Here is your cup and take a biscuit that just came out of the oven.   . Excellent.  So, what new with you mon ami? . Still working out.  Or rather getting out and about.  Great exercise for the body.  Just get out and walk no nthye park, the nearby green belt, a forest that is close by?  We are lucky here in London, Canada.  The “Forest City” is our nickname so we have lot’s of trees.  Even a river flowing through the city.  The Thames River.  What else would you name it with a city’s name of London. . So there is the city’s parks and green areas but the part I like is that we are surrounded by such lush and fertile fields to grow essential crops for birth human consumption but also feed for the herds of dairy …



It was a misty and mysterious morning.  I had gotten out of early to make the rendezvous with Misty.  She did not disappoint. Dressed in a see-through gauze-like material she slowly appeared as the Sun and shone from behind.

FRANKEEE, glad that you have returned.  It must be my tea and biscuits ... joking.  I know that you love my nature pictures of the red sky either in the form of red sunrises or red sunsets.  Either way, you know that I have only the best high-resolution nature pictures for you.

Here there, check out a few pictures of a Tripping Tuesday.

Sunrise. "The Pond" Misty Morning Magic
August 20, 2019

I told you that it was misty.  Damn, it was like being in a cloud.  It was probably that.  It sort of muffled the sounds too.

No Canada Geese on "The Pond".  No bullfrogs croaking either.

More pictures.

As Sun came up from the depths of Night, she made the mist turn pink or some other colour name.  I just know that it was magical how nature pictures appear …