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So glad to see you, my friend. Come on in and sit a spell. J have the water boiling already so I can make us some tea and then sit and have a chin wag. 
While I am gone, check out the nature pictures that I took this morning. 

It was an overcast sky filled with storm clouds ready to burst that greeted me on the photoshoot location. 

Thunder and lightening hailed the mantle of clouds and lit up the firmament.

The next bit of text is a copy from the mornings Instagram & Facebook posts.
The following is a test,

“Sunrise Satisfaction” Red sky, red sunrise, nature pictures.  Spectacular pictures of sunrises, sunsets and other nature pictures are uploaded daily to the website.  Come and see what you have been missing while you slept. . . . “Satisfacción del amanecer”  Cielo rojo, rojo amanecer, fotos de la naturaleza.  Imágenes espectaculares de amaneceres, puestas de sol y otras imágenes de la naturaleza se ca…

Red Sunrise #26


Come in my friend, come in.  Good to see you.  Here now, put your slippers on and go get comfortable in your recliner chair.  I will go and get some tea for us.  Wait for me.

In the meantime, maybe you would like to see some pictures.

“Last Full Moon of the Summer” This full moon is called (among other names) the “Sturgeon Moon”.   The First People of North America named it after the sturgeon found in the Great Lakes. Lake Huron, Ontario, Michigan,  Erie, Superior.   . «Dernière pleine lune de l'été»  Cette pleine lune s'appelle (entre autres noms) la "Lune d'esturgeon".  Le premier peuple d'Amérique du Nord porte le nom de l'esturgeon trouvé dans les Grands Lacs.  Lac Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Érié, Supérieur.  . “Última luna llena del verano”  Esta luna llena se llama (entre otros nombres) la "Luna del esturión".  El nombre del primer pueblo de América del Norte se debe al esturión encontrado en los Grandes Lagos.  Lago Huron, Ontario, Michiga…



Hey friend, I am so glad that I can write this for you. 
Come in and relax. Get into those slippers and shuffle over to the recliner chair. 
I have to apologize for my lack of hospitality in terms of writing a daily blog post. 
I injured a nerve on my right side that affects my right scapula (shoulder blade - Extreme pain) and has now spread to my right arm muscle (tricep) all the way down to my pinkie and the one beside it. I guess that one is called the ring finger. 
So it is a very painful exercise in holding my phone in position for the perfect nature picture or when the red sunrise is happening. 

But, never fear, I have been up and out of the condo by 05:00 headed to the nearest Timmies (Tim Hortons .. the coffee shop of all Canadians).  Then off to a photoshoot location for no other reason than for how far I want to drive.  
Today was out the Dorchester, Ontario, Canada "Field of Dreams" Rd.  Not really there but close enough.

Here is one of the first picture of this…