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Hello there and welcome back to my blog.  Glad you could make it.

Why FRANKEEE?  Well, many people come to my blog and I want to be able to feel that I am talking to you.  Yes, YOU!

So, I decided to call you FRANKEEE.  Franky can be a male or female name.  I decided to change the ending "y" with an EEE say that you smile when you say your name. Say it.  FRANKEEE.  See.  You smiled.  Keep it up and pass it on to the next person you see.

Every once in a while you come to visit me.  We usually drink tea but have had beers on occasion.

I also sprung for a recliner chair so that you would be comfortable

I bought you some comfortable slippers which you change into when you are over.

Alright, we are all set up then let us proceed with today's blog post.

The weather has been very, very tolerable these past days.  I mean, I wear a t-shirt when I am taking my sunrise nature pictures.  Not too many clouds in the morning and evening so that I can show you some red sunrises and red…