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Hey, how are today? Come in friend, come in and make yourself at home. You know the drill by now. You slip into your slippers and go take a seat in the recliner chair. 
I will go get some tea for us and then we can chat. 
But before I go, enjoy some of the nature pictures that I took this morning. 

A panoramic view of where I was this morning. 



Hello and welcome back to my place.  You were left wondering where I went when I did not answer the door knock the last couple of days.  Pain.

Yes, pain is what you read and what I said.

But first, Frankee, why don't you come in and make yourself comfortable.  You got your slippers here and your favourite chair is there in the corner just like you left it.

I'm going to slide into the cociƱa and make us some tea.  Pardon?  You would like a beer?  Sure, I can handle that.  I got some beer in the fridge for us.  Sure, let's have a beer.  Why not.

By the way, I got some terrific shots of this mornings sunrise.

Here is a precursor for what is about to come.

This is a mature flower who is ready for a strong burst of air to remove the new seeds and spread them over the fertile fields.

OMG - I did not mean to publish this blog.  Well, know that I am typing and publishing in the background.

I am so so sorry, Frankeee.  I did not mean to publish this blog post so soon.


So …