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Hello and good to see you again.  I am so glad that you keep coming back.  I enjoy your visits and it is too bad that I can't talk to you directly.  Oh well maybe in the future that will be possible.  Who knows what the future can bring?

Speaking of the future, I never know what the future will bring in terms of daily red sunrises, red sunsets, flowers, or interesting landscapes for your enjoyment.  That is why I get up every morning.  It gives me a purpose to get out of bed every morning.

This is what I got this morning.  I must warn you that it went from totally overcast skies on previous mornings to a clear sky this morning.

Have a look at an example of high-resolution nature pictures taken this morning.


This was taken from a car cam on the way to "The Pond"

Arrived at The Pond and set up shop at the far end of the roadway. This view is obviously looking towards the East. 

The magical East.  So many adventure stories come out of there.  Far and mysterious fo…



Hey now, you made it. After last time when got into the beer, you had a few too many and you and I stumbled back to your place.  I am glad that you did not drive or injure yourself or anyone else. Never drink and drive. 
Now they have a test to see if you have too much marijuana or other intoxicating substances in your system that would impair your driving ability. I guess someone came up with a formula that says “Nope. You are too stoned”. “Waiting at a green light for 30 seconds after it turned green is a good indication that you should pull over, turn off the engine and get out of the driver's seat”
So, Frankeee, enough of that.
Here now, let me get us some tea and maybe some sandwiches for a snack. Here is the remote. Pick out some music for us to listen too and I will slide into the kitchen and make some tea and sandwiches. What is your favourite?  Egg salad!!  Me too. What a coincidence.   OK. I will be right back. Don’t go away. 
So, Frankeee,  it has been a few days no…



Say now, Frankeee.  Come in my friend.  Did you get rained on?

It has been rainy and ugly around here but that can wait.

Here are your slippers.  Take off your shoes, slip this on then dance over to your recliner chair.  Relax.  Take your break. I will go to the kitchen and get us some tea.  I will be right back.

Here we go, mon ami.  Yes, I speak French.  I shall learn Spanish very soon. Here is your cup of tea.  I'll put the tray of biscuits right beside you and the table.  If that light behind you is in your eyes or whatever, just pull that cord and it will shine no more.

Speaking of shining, let me show you examples of high-resolution nature pictures.  Gorgeous images and videos of red sunrises and red sunsets.

Check this out.

The above pictures were the sunsets on Saturday.  A little later in the blog, I will insert this morning's cloudy sunrise.

Here is another from Saturday night.

A purple sky fading to red sunsets. Just a slit of last remaining yellow glow.  Now the re…