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It was a windy and stormy dawn

FRANKEEEGood to see you, my friend.  Come in.  Come in and how are you? Here now, take your shoes off, put n your slippers and settle into your chair over there.  I will go to the kitchen and get us some tea and biscuits.

Alright now.  Here we go!!  Tea and biscuits for us.  Here yours.  I got mine.

Ahhhh.  What a life we have Frankeee.  I never asked you.  What do you do now or what did you do before?

I am curious to know what diverse people we have coming to visit muy house.

While you are working on that let me tell you about this mornings photoshoot.

PHOTOSHOOTBefore I left, I set up the iPad to video the downtown silhouette and the lightning and thunderstorm that was brewing.  When post-production is done, I will post it.  It is compressing as we speak.  Imagine that you have 2 hours worth of stop-action video.  That is a big file.  I will put it up to YouTube and they will compress it also.

Let's start at the beginning



FRANKEEE(English to follow)Ven en mi amigo y bienvenido a mi casa.  Quítate los zapatos, ponte las zapatillas y acomódate en tu silla reclinable.  Iré por algo de té y galletas. Vuelvo enseguida.
 Aquí vamos.  Té para dos. Aquí está el tuyo y una galleta y yo tengo el mío.  Déjame sentarme en mi silla y luego podemos charlar.¿Entonces como estás?  Me alegro de verte.No te dejaste atrapar en ninguna de estas sesiones de lluvia, ¿verdad?Vi algunos arco iris después de algunos aguaceros.  Eso estuvo muy bien.Hablando de arco iris, un pensamiento divertido viene a la mente.Una vez le pregunté a mis hijas, cuando tenían alrededor de 3 a 4 años, qué color de pony te gustaría.  La respuesta fue el color del arco iris. ¿No sería genial?Te voy a dejar por un tiempo e ir a mi sesión de fotos de hoy.Aquí, puedes verme en esta pantalla aquí.  Mira, tengo una cámara adjunta y puedes mirar mientras estoy en la ubicación.  Usted puede ser parte de una sesión fotográfica de alta resolución de fotog…


So glad you showed up today.  Welcome to my home.
Come in and grab your chair.  I'll slip into the kitchen and make us some tea.
I got the biscuits from Spicers Bakery out of Alymer, Ontario, Canada.

I was awakened by the 04:30 alarm that I have set but I closed my eyes for a minute and the next thing I knew it was 05:15 with sunrise at 05:59!!

Ouch, I am late.  So I hurriedly got dressed in my usual get up for warmth and water-shedding abilities and then off to Timmies for my larger double-double and quickly to "The Pond" as I call it.

"The Pond" is just a manmade catch basin for rainwater runoff from the surrounding industrial park.
Right next to Highway 401.
Accessible by the old back roads (Old Victoria Rd.), The Pond has Canada Geese swimming about, Heron that I saw once, bugs, and bullfrogs croaking in the weeds.

Here are some nature pictures from my high-resolution nature photography portfolio.

Here goes:

PS:  I said that about an hour ago.  I got distrac…



Long-time no see, Frankeee. How are you? Come in, friend.  Grab your chair over there and I will go make us some tea. 
Here we go.  Hot tea and some tea biscuits with raisins. Hope you like it.
So, what’s new?
What’s new with me? Well, I got out of bed when the alarm went off at 04:30.  Got dressed and out the door to grab a coffee at Timmies before heading to Dorchester and the Field of Dreams photo shoot location.
I was witness to a glorious sunrise.  I got some great examples of high-resolution nature photography. 
Here, are some images from this morning’s sunrise.  Some red sky, some red sunrise. Nature pictures.   Have a look.

A very early shot of the coming sunrise.  The location is Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.

Sunrise. July 14, 2019

A view to the South.  Long wispy clouds soon to be colored red.

Morning slim silhouettes,

Here is the South view with a red sky

A closeup view of the red sky

The sun is awake and rising up to start the day.

Sun is up and beginning to warm things up.

The Sun has…