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WOW.What sights to see on Friday night. We are talking July 27th, 2018. I was lawn bowling at the beautiful Elmwood Lawn Bowling Club. Since I have a Personal Weather Station (ILONDON652 on Weather Underground he he he) I am suddenly the weatherman.  I brought up a live internet picture of lightning hits in the world..Focusing on Southwest Ontario, we saw that there were many coming from Lake Huron to the north of us. That sign and the fact that I had seen a great magnificent cloud move across the sky in very little time indicating how fast the rain was coming.  We decided to quit playing before the rain or whatever was coming.  Like the ants, we hustled and put everything away and had the place locked up before anything happened.
We were right to do that as the black clouds soon arrived and dropped a lot of water in a very short time.  Almost like a monsoon type of downpour as the ones that I lived through in Kathmandu.  Manila and Asia are experiencing their monsoon.  What is up wit…